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The BrakeCheck is a new generation

brake tester. It is the most advanced

portable and user friendly electronic

instrument available on the market

designed specially for accurate and

simple determination of the braking

efficiency of a moving vehicle.

Circuitlink BrakeCheck

What information does the BrakeCheck



Peak deceleration

Average deceleration

Sideways acceleration

Stopping distance

Test speed

Brake efficiency


Price: $POA


ΜΕΜS accelerometer technology

Light and compact

Very easy to use

Easy to read display

3 operation buttons

Operating buzzer

Large operating temperature range

Automatic shut-off

Rechargeable batteries

Battery charging indicator

Low battery indicator

Rapid battery recharge

Large number of tests can be

performed before recharging

Calibration due indicator

Calibration certificate is issued with the unit

Internal self diagnostics

Infra-red link to printer

PC download capabilities

SKU/Item Number: 2564

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