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The Sound Meter is an instrument used to measure noise and sound levels in a specified manner. Great for testing noisy car exhausts, car audio installers, clubs and PA.

Pro Sound Meter

***We also have other models available***

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Supplied with:

Carry case

Wind Sock



Compliant with Type 2 (Class 2) standards
A & C weighting scales
Tripod mounting thread
External calibrator
Maximum hold feature
Min/Max measurement
Over and under-range display
Analogue outputs
Fast and slow response
Backlit LCD

Accuracy: 1.4dB
Calibration: 94, 114dB
Dynamic range: 50dB
Resolution: 0.1dB
Update: Every 0,5 seconds
Frequency range: 31.5Hz - 8kHz
Dimensions: 278(L) x 76(W) x 50(D)mm

SKU/Item Number: 2566

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