Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common enquiries we receive about electronic BrakeChecks.


Q: Why are my readings lower than what my Tapley gave me?

A: The electronic brake check measures the average brake performance of the vehicle across the entire braking test, whereas the Tapley would only record the peak braking performance that was typically seen near the end of the brake cycle.
This was a fundamental flaw with the tapley meters, as they were easy to fool, for example by double tapping the brake, and generally gave a false sense of braking performance due to their design.

Another major factor that can impact your results is the vehicle’s suspension. Tapley meters will show a high reading if the vehicle’s suspension is worn, regardless of the vehicles actual brake performance, as the “dipping” of the suspension at the end of the test will increase the “peak” stopping force the tapley mesures. This will result in artificially high readings.

As an electronic brake tester is able to measure the forces applied across the entire test – not just one part of it – it is able to provide a more realistic result.


Q: How do I achieve a better brake Efficiency percentage during my test?

A: To achieve a higher brake efficiency percentage reading, try the following:


Q: Why does my BrakeCheck turn itself off?

A: Your brake check will turn itself off after a few minutes of sitting idle, this is an inbuilt power saver mechanism to preserve battery life.

If you notice that your BrakeCheck powers off unexpectedly when tapped against a surface, or during normal handling, please get in touch with us to have your brake check repaired. We are also able to offer replacement batteries for these units.


Q: The calibration light is flashing – what do I do? Will my BrakeCheck Stop working?

A: The calibration light will flash when your unit is due for calibration, indicating that there is approximately 14 days left until the units calibration has expired. If the calibration light is solid red, this means the unit is overdue for its calibration. Please contact us to arrange an on site calibration, or alternatively, book a collection for your brakecheck here.

Your BrakeCheck will continue to function while the calibration light is on, but is no longer certified to NZTA standards, and must be calibrated as soon as it is feasible to do so.


Last updated 22/05/2024

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